1. What is the length of stay with the host family usually required?” – The lenght of stay is totally up to the TUTOR. However, we suggest a minimum stay of 1 month

2. “Is it necessary to speak Italian?” – Of course some knowledge of Italian would be advantageous if you want to be totally independent and you plan to travel a lot, however it is not strictly necessary. Tutors come to Italy to help their host families improve their English therefore the less Italian they speak, the better it is!

3. “Is there an age limit on the exchange programme?” – No, there isn’t. As long as you are in good health and you have a big passion for Italy you are more than welcome to apply for it!

4. “Who’s going to pay for travel expenses?” – The TUTOR will have to pay for travel expenses. The HOST FAMILY only provides full board and accommodation when the TUTOR is in Italy.

5. “How much do I need to pay to register for the exchange programme?” – Registration is FREE. Contact Ozitaly and you will receive an application form to fill out.

6. “Do I need any specific qualifications in order to become a tutor for OzItaly?” – Not at all. A TESOL/TEFL qualification would be advantageous but not strictly necessary. Usually tutors work on the host family’s speaking and listening skills.